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Our Team

The Conversion Rockers team unites expertise not only in Conversion Rate Optimization but also in web analytics, usability, user behavior, sales and marketing psychology, user psychology, SEM, copywriting, PR and digital business strategies.

Our consultants speak English, Spanish, Catalan, German, French and Bulgarian. We boosted Conversion Rates of numerous companies and across diverse sectors such as ecommerce, financial services, travel, community sites, dating, gaming and human resources. We have offices in Spain, Germany and Argentina and we are currently preparing further openings.



Raúl García

  • MBA Management and Marketing, Degree in Advertising and Degree in Tourism.
  • Online Marketing Consultant for 8 years and large experience in Performance Marketing Optimization
  • Google Analytics Qualified Expert.
Raúl is a reliable and analytical person with extensive experience in online projects.
Niels Berg
Dooplan/ El Grupazo

Raúl García is one of the founders of Conversion-Rockers.com. He worked as an Online Marketing Manager for an International Company for some years and he co-founded an online marketing agency and he developed several online strategies for various international e-commerce projects and specialized in customer acquisition and conversion performance

“Companies spend a lot of money looking for the causes of their inability to convert. However, in 90% of the cases the enemy is at home”
– Raúl García


Francisco Bernal

  • Degree in Marketing and Online Marketing Postgraduate.
  • Years of experience in Online Marketing and lead generation
  • Online Marketing Consultant for 3 years.
Thanks to Fran's work, effort and energy, we were able to increase our sales by 170%! Thanks Fran!
Carlos González
JustBook Spain

Francisco Bernal is a Consultant at Conversion Rockers. He has been working on various online projects in Spain for 3 years. In all of them Francisco has had remarkable success, focused on subscription modes, customer acquisition and reactivation of customers. At the same time, he has been providing valuable support to sales teams in commercial projects.

“It’s not sufficient to have a nice web. Conversion optimization reduces incredibly the number of lost users and you note it clearly in your revenues.”
– Francisco Bernal


Marc Iborra

  • Executive Master in Marketing and Business Management 2013, ESIC Business School, Barcelona
  • Years of experience in commerce and sales
  • Fast adaptation capacity in projects
Marc always comes up with new ideas when there are any problems. He has a great problem-solving ability.
Jesus Alvarez
ESIC Business School

Marc Iborra is a person with great intuitive and deductive reasoning skills. He is also very creative. He got a Master of Marketing Management and Commercial Management at ESIC University, Barcelona. He has wealth of experience in commerce and sales. For the past year has been focusing his career in the field of online marketing, website usability and Web optimization.

”The best web design is one that respects user’s mental maps, making it easier for them to access the content they want. Keep it simple!”
– Marc Iborra


Dr. Henrik Sprengel

  • Lawyer and PhD in Law, MBA Insead
  • Long-year experience in digital marketing and strategy
  • Optimizing the conversion funnel since years
If there is a hole in the conversions funnel, then Henrik is the plug to fill that gap!
Antonio Gimenez

Henrik Sprengel is an advisor of Conversion-Rockers.com. His first touchpoints with Digital Marketing and eCommerce date back to 1999 when he started with digital ventures in Berlin in the New Economy times. He worked on the Napster deal while in Bertelsmann and developed online marketing strategies and presences in other Bertelsmann divisions such as Random House Mondadori and the Direct Group. He launched the online dating service Parship.com in Spain. He is advisor in numerous start-ups and ventures.

”Don´t waste time and money with bringing traffic to your websites, focus on the conversion funnel and get out of the office earlier, with more money in your pocket.”
– Dr. Henrik Sprengel


Dr. Holger Sprengel

  • MBA, PhD in Law
  • Serial entrepreneur (internet, mobile, games), currently participating actively in several companies
  • Co-founder and Managing Director of two incubators (H2A Ventures & Grupo HS3)
Holger is an entrepreneur with a great track record and a huge network in the global media world.
Sven Hock
InnovationPartners GmbH

Holger Sprengel is one of the founders and advisor of Conversion-Rockers.com. He lived in various countries in Europe and is fluent in 6 languages. He has been in online and mobile business for more than 10 years. In 2000 he co-founded his first company in mobile entertainment which he sold in 2005. In 2006 and 2010 he co-founded the start-up incubators Grupo HS3 and H2A Ventures which are based in Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Cologne.

”Conversion optimization is not the icing on the cake, but the foundation. All the nice ingredients of your special online project will not make it a fantastic cake without it!”
– Dr. Holger Sprengel


Whether you need to…

  • optimize a website or an app before you invest in its programming,
  • increase Conversion Rates of an existing website or app,
  • or increase your profit per customer by boosting average order values, finding out price optima or increasing customer retention

Whatever your requirements, we will be glad to discuss with you the possibilities – free and confidentially.

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Whatever your requirements, we will be glad to discuss with you the possibilities – free and confidentially.

Get in touch

and let´s have a casual chat – no strings attached!