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How an Explainer Video can boost your Conversion Rate

Remember the days when you bought something from the store that came with a 10-page manual? Or when you wanted to figure out something online but the scrolling or reading never stopped, further making you lose interest? Nowadays some of the best marketers use an Explainer Video in order to achieve users’ engagement.


Why is it important to implement Explainer Videos in your website?

Well, it seems people’s attention spans have been shortening.  As a survey conducted from the National Center for Biotechnology recorded, in 2000 the average attention span was 12 seconds and in 2013 it decreased to 8 seconds [1]. This is about the same time as the fastest man in the world (Usain Bolt) runs his 100 meters.

The rapid improvement of technology affected us in such a way that our attention span hardly exists. This is why it is important for marketers to grab their users’ attention with Explainer Videos.


How you can grab users’ attention

It is simple, brain science shows that our brains are wired to respond to videos. People are not only mostly visual learners, but people retain 68% more information from videos than from texts.[2]

Furthermore, psychology expert, Susan Weinschenk, uncovered some facts of why humans are drawn to video content: [3]

  • Voice conveys rich information – This is the simplicity of a human voice portraying information to us. In other words we are more likely to understand and relay information better.
  • Emotions are contagious – This is just like the saying laughter is contagious. So when humans are surrounded by emotions they are more likely to indulge in the subject.
  • Movement grabs attention – What would more likely grab your attention, a sprinting cheetah or one lying in the terrain? It is a common fact that humans peripheral systems are attracted to motion.

Also the average length of videos watched by users is a full 2.7 minutes [4]. With these statistics it wouldn’t make sense to skip out on this great optimization opportunity.


What is an Explainer Video?

Explainer Videos are short videos that explain a company’s story and a company’s business model. In other words they give an answer to the question “What do you guys do?”.

These videos can be in animation, digital drawings, hand drawings, or regular videos.

Explainer Videos

  • bring across your core message to a ususally much higher percentage of your website visitors than texts do,
  • secure that a much higher share of of your website visitors actually understand your product or service and the benefits it provides,
  • generate sympathy for your company,
  • make a more personal impression,
  • account for more recommendations of the website to peers (strengthened viral influence),
  • and often increase the amount of traffic to the respective website.

Most of all, Explainer Videos serve one main purpose. It is so you can demonstrate your proposal in an efficient and simple way for your users to understand. Thus, you increase your conversion rate.

An example of a successful business that uses animated Explainer Videos throughout their website is Dropbox. They focus visitors’ attention on the Explainer Video, where they are able to get more people to learn how their website works. This resulted in a sign up rate increase of 10%, where profits sored to an extra 48,000,000 per year. Not too bad for a company with only 5 years under their belt [5].

Another successful example is Buytwitterfollowers.com. Adding an Explainer Video with a short description on their homepage boosted their sales by 216%! [6]





AFTER: 216% increase in sales



7 Fast Read Facts about Explainer Videos:

  1. Video equals higher viewer retention. The information retained in one minute of online video is equal to about 1.8 million written words. [7]
  2. A video on the homepage increased CrazyEgg’s conversion by 64%. [8]
  3. The average user spends 88% more time on a website with video. [9]
  4. 59% of senior executives prefer video over text. [10]
  5. Video is now the sixth most popular content marketing tactic, as 70% of B2B marketers use some form of online video with their overall strategies. [11]
  6. More than 90% find video advertising to be equally or more effective than display advertising. [12]
  7. When marketers included a marketing or Explainer Video in an email, the click-through rate increased by 200% to 300%. [13]


Some free, easy and useful hints to create your conversion-optimized video:

  • Viewing directions are a key element in guiding user attention toward the desired focal points. At the very beginning, let the initial view of the video contain a model looking to the play button. This way many more visitors will click on it to start the video.
  • For entry page(s), we recommend a rather short video. 30 to 90 seconds would be sufficient to deliver your core message and Call-to-Action to the users and thus would be optimal for your conversions.
  • Show the benefits of applying, using, owning your product in a certain situation, drawing customers’ attention to key benefits about your product and brand, and leading them to the Call-to-Action.
  • Use high quality videos with high resolutions, bright colors, and a balance of light and dark contrasts. Additionally, pay attention to sound quality.
  • Don´t end your video with the beautiful logo of your company. Instead, always end videos with a clear, verbal and visual Call-to-Action. Tell your visitors clearly what to do next (e.g.  click a button, fill out a form, download a free trial). At the same time the model should look to the Call-to-Action button and even point at it. This effect even works with animated or cartoon characters. If you are making a video without persons or aniated characters in it, use visual elements such as arrows or the like instead.

If you need further advice on how to create a top-converting explainer video or if you are looking for top-notch providers with good price-value, quality-tested by Conversion Rockers S.L., do not hesitate to get in touch with us through info@conversion-rockers.com



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