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Your website sucks. Big time.

Your next competitive advantage: a sustainably high Conversion Rate

At this point you’re probably expecting us to explain what a Conversion is in online business terms. We are not going to do that. As you have found our website, you most likely know already what a Conversion is. If not, you are probably not our target group. But here at Conversion Rockers we want to help you, so we’ve provided a Conversion Tip Sheet to our registered users.

Your ability to convince your target group expressed in a figure

The Conversion Rate shows how many website visits you need to generate a conversion. If you for example needed 100 visits to generate 1 conversion, you would have a Conversion Rate of 1%.

In other words: The Conversion Rate is an indicator for your ability to convince your target group of your product or service. Subsequently it is no surprise that an increasing number of companies apply the insights from their Conversion Rate Optimization efforts on their websites to their offline business and sales processes.

Your website sucks. Big time.

Your website sucks big time. This is because it still has a Conversion Rate not far from the typical Conversion Rates website used to have back in the 90s. Most commercial websites have failed to convince consumers of the products they’re offering. Most of the commercial websites have not become significantly better at convincing their audiences of the products or services they are offering. So, no need to be huffy, just to take action – before your competitors do. The Conversion Rockers’ expert team will increase your Conversion Rate – whether it is online sales, lead-generation or any other goal your website might have. We do so by fully quantifiable, empirical methods. Find out more about our scientific methods here.

Is your website bleeding traffic? Are website visitors leaving too early?

Are you losing too many visitors at the point of sale?

Do you know precisely which design or content elements are contributing to your online success? And which elements are or have been harming your conversions?

Are you still leading expensive traffic to a website which is intimidating most of it?

Are you still buying increasingly expensive traffic and leading it to a website which is not really able to convert it into profit? Well, then you are by no means alone: The 2012 Adobe Digital Marketing Optimization Survey found that online marketers are still spending far too much budget on buying traffic instead of optimizing their websites and thus enabling it to actually convert this traffic. In fact, they are spending 92 times more budget to acquire traffic than for optimization. “Greater balance in investment between acquisition and optimization is needed to drive higher returns” – according to the above research.

It is our mission to help online businesses, especially in Europe, to find this balance, increase their Conversion Rates and thus provide them with a sustainable competitive advantage.

We love Conversion Optimization. And so will you.

For years our client F. has been running a quite popular website in the tourism industry. 18.000 daily visits on average. 3,1% of all visitors decide to use his services and pay for the privilege. Incredible performance! His competitors register far lower numbers! The average conversion rate in the sector is 2,4%. And F.’s is much higher. On the surface everything looks good and there’s no cause for concern. But is that really the case?

F. is an ambitious businessman. The year before he set the goal to increase the revenues on his website by 35%. Therefore, apart from constantly working on improving services and offering better prices, he invested substantial amounts, more than 30.000 Euros for design improvement and marketing in order to attract more visitors to the website and to earn more clients. F. Was convinced that this way he will be able to beat the competition.

He regularly checked the website performance statistics on Analytics. The results fluctuated influenced mainly by season, holidays and festive days, a normal occurrence in the tourism industry.But  to his surprise and disappointment compared to the year before, he saw the revenue growth was only 6%. On some places the page performed even worse than before! F. had to find immediately the reason for this failure. While looking for a solution, F. decided to consult Conversion Rockers.

Does your website answer your users questions and refute their doubts?

After a quick analysis, it was revealed that the page which looked so perfect, did indeed have serious problems regarding content and did not provide the visitors with the answers to their questions. It was not seem convincing enough and did not communicate sufficient guarantees and security. The design was new and modern, really good, but it had still some flaws. The webpage was not intuitive enough and was not user-friendly.

F. realized benchmarking himself against the competition was not enough, nor were the modest 3,1% buyers. The more important question was, where do all the other non-buying 96,9% go? And why do they not convert?

First of all visitor needs were analyzed, amongst other things by running a user survey addressing the right questions. Each visitor is different and has his/her own needs and values. A website should always be designed according to these needs. The content offered should address the questions of the each visitor. Moreover, the answers should be always given in the right moment at the right place. For example if the visitor is about to pay for a particular service, he/she may ask: “How secure is that payment method? Will I be charged extra? If they are about to fill in a registration form they may ask: “What about my personal details? Are they safe? What will happen if there is an error in my data?”. Many people would like to know about the experience of other users. Others require more detailed information about a service or product. And they should be provided with it.

As it would be hard to observe every single person, the main visitor groups were identified. After that based on surveys, interviews, feedback, statistics and all possible sources of information, personas were created. Personas are imaginary figures, with a name, demographic characteristics, specific behavior, needs and goals. They are involved in the so called scenarios, where they demonstrate how they behave and act. Personas should be so well described that they feel like someone you have known for a very, very long time, like an old friend. This way you will address their needs much better.

Once we know F.’s audience, the pages which kept leaking most of the traffic were identified. They clearly needed improvement in terms of user persuasion. A list of hypothesis on how to achieve this was created. Subsequently Conversion Rockers tested these hypothesis by running A/B-tests which allowed us to find out which of our hypothesis were right and which were wrong and which impact on the conversion each of the changes to the web page actually has. After 4 weeks of testing F. was happy to discover that the Conversion Rate of his website increased by 4,3%. This meant 39%.more revenue than before!

This way the invested 2.850 Euros in website optimization was recouped in no time. And, more importantly, the website would now permanently convert on a much higher level than before. This provided F. with a substantial and very sustainable competitive advantage.

It´s science, not magic

We see Conversion Rate Optimization not only as science but also as art. The scientific parts are clearly represented by the creation of testable hypotheses, the measurable tests and the evaluation of the test results. It becomes an art form when it comes down to aspects of user psychology, persuasion and a certain intuition which one inevitably develops after diagnosing problems, analyzing them and optimizing hundreds and hundreds of websites.

Conversion Rockers have helped web businesses increase their Conversion Rates by between 8% and 424%. Furthermore, if you wish, this can be done with no extra work for your marketing teams whatsoever. Find out more about how to work with us here.


We know that we can deliver. Therefore we offer a full money back guarantee in the event we do not increase your Conversion Rate (Fortunately this has never happened).

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